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Modern libertarianism is the disguise adopted by those who wish to exploit without restraint. It pretends that only the state intrudes on our liberties. It ignores the role of banks, corporations and the rich in making us less free. It denies the need for the state to curb them in order to protect the freedoms of weaker people. This bastardised, one-eyed philosophy is a con trick, whose promoters attempt to wrongfoot justice by pitching it against liberty. By this means they have turned “freedom” into an instrument of oppression.
This bastardised libertarianism makes ‘freedom’ an instrument of oppression (via smdxn)



I was tied the the bed, and had a vibrator put deep inside me for over an hour while my keyholder watched TV in the next room.

I was about to go crazy from the vibrator deep inside me, and he came back and replaced it with his throbbing cock and forced it deep inside me until he came! After this he sat on my face and jerk off until orgasm while I teased his ass with my tongue..

All this while locked!!?!!?!
I was so horny! Hell I am still horny!

doin it right…

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