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Bisexual men more anxious, depressed

Research suggests that bisexual men are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety than their gay and straight counterparts. According to Eric Schrimshaw of Columbia University, this suffering comes from a high level of concealment and a lack of disclosure. The Columbia study showed that almost 38 percent of the bisexual participants said that they never told anyone about their sexual identity and 80 percent said they keep their sexual relationships with men to themselves.

Although this concealment may shield bisexual men from the types of discrimination and rejection often experienced by open gays, it can also leave many men without a language or a community with whom they can discuss their feelings

'Grindr For Equality' Is Gay Dating App's Effort To Mobilize Users For 2012 Election


Though it’s best known as the dating application of choice for legions of gay men, Grindr is wading into the political foray with a brand-new project just in time for the 2012 presidential election.

“Grindr for Equality,” a newly-developed social effort, strives to “unite gay men across the country, make that voice grow louder and have a nationwide impact,” according to the app’s founder and CEO.

“We must elect not only a president but representatives and senators who are supportive of our community and our equality,” Joel Simkhai said in a statement. “Local elections have national impact, so we want to use Grindr as a tool for mobilizing and connecting gay men around the country to help make a combined national impact.”

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The app sucks. But, I like the cause!

Bi Social Network: Bi News Alert: Frank Ocean Confirms Bisexuality


Frank Ocean Comes out BisexualBi News Alert! Frank Ocean Confirms Bisexual Rumors. Bi Social Network is happy that Hip/Hop Rapper Frank Ocean has made it official and has come out as a proud bisexual black man.

We have been following this story for over a week now, and wanted to make sure that it was real before we…

As a out Bisexual man, I’m happy that Frank Ocean has came out. It took me 4-5 years to come out to my family and friends.





This is my friend and her girlfriend. The girl on the right was killed last night, by what is thought to be a hate crime. They were on a date. They were both shot and dumped in tall grass. They were found this morning by a couple while they were out for a walk. (This is all we know right now)
Mollie has passed but her girlfriend, Kristene, is still alive. She is in very critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. Please pray for her. Think about them. Pass this on. Something. Please. We need her to come through so the people that did this can be put in their rightful spot.  

You will always be Loved and never forgotten, Mollie.
Rest in Peace, Sweetheart.<3 

And since I just got messages saying this was fake, here’s the article: 

It’s also on MSNBC now.

This is heartbreaking.  

So sad.

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